Daredevil s1e10: Nelson v. Murdock

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 10/10

After Foggy discovers Matt’s secret, he loses faith in his friend and isn’t sure if he can trust him anymore. Meanwhile, Karen locates Fisk’s mother hidden away in an old folk’s home and tries to discover more about him. And Fisk himself discovers there might be another person who secretly considers him a target.

Another really good episode, this one has less action but so much tension you’ll hardly notice. It has a lot of flashbacks in this one, which I’m still not a huge fan of but it shines light on the beginnings of Foggy and Matt’s friendship as they grow as people, only for it all to seemingly fall apart as Matt’s greatest secret is revealed.

This episode had a lot of things I normally wouldn’t like in other properties. Here it seems that they know how to do dramatic moments right without getting it overly melodramatic or stupidly complicated for no reason. I like that these shows are able to reveal to us a different, more realistic and much darker version of the MCU. Also, something the movies up to this point in time lack is the villains are very well-presented and feel like real human beings. Even though Kingpin might be doing things in the wrong way, we understand why he’s doing the things he does. Nobody is a bad guy in their own mind, not even the worst of us. I’m glad this is something the MCU films eventually come to understand, at least.


+10: Drama done right

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