Spider-Man s1e10: Revenge of the Green Goblin

Air Date: November 14, 1981

Rating: 9.5/10

Green Goblin invades Peter Parker’s Halloween high school dance. He reveals their whole backstory, including that he knows Spider-Man’s secret identity.

Now this was a very well-crafted episode that felt more like a short movie than it did another episodic adventure in Spidey’s world. The story had a good pace, didn’t spend too much time on side stories or even have any to speak of. I hope this is indicative of a new, better Spider-Man series, but I fear it was just a fluke. Especially since they still had to shoehorn in that Green Goblin has superpowers, which is too bad. I always thought part of his charm was that there really wasn’t anything special about him, especially in the Marvel universe where practically everyone has powers at one point or another, even if they aren’t always permanent.

Aunt May’s character just bugs me in this show, I feel like she could be more than one-note “I love Peter but hate Spider-Man.” I mean, I know it’s a kids show, and you could argue that everyone but Spider-Man is one-note in this series, but I’ve seen her done better in every other medium she’s been in. Seeing her phoned in like this is kind of heartbreaking when I know she’s more than just Peter’s Aunt.

Also, all these shows ever teach me is that if you are a superhero, you should tell the people you’re closest to, otherwise you’re just putting their lives in danger. I know it’s the style of the time that every episode has to end just how it started so Peter will never reveal his identity. I’m not even sure they did cliffhangers at the time, at least not for kids shows, so there probably won’t be any continuity between episodes. I could be wrong though.


+10: A very well-crafted episode

-0.5: The Aunt May thing bugs me and so does the Green Goblin thing, not a huge thing for either of them though

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