Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Rating: 8/10

Stitch is an alien made to destroy things but doesn’t want to. Lilo is a young Hawaiian girl who just wants a friend. When Stitch escapes the mad scientist who created him he needs Lilo to hide him while the aliens try to find him again.

This was a movie that kind of passed by my radar almost completely. I think it was during a time when I felt Disney wasn’t making their best work, but this film certainly changed my mind about that. This was a very enjoyable film, though a little cutesy, but still had a lot of laughs and heartfelt moments that make it stand as it’s own respectable Disney animated film. I also like the animation a lot.

I felt that it might have been trying too hard for being a movie meant for really young kids as much of the humor seems more passable for kids in the Sesame Street range, but also delves into many adult themes that might make this film feel more adequate for teenagers or even old guys like me.


+9: A very enjoyable film with a lot of laughs and good dramatic moments

-1: I’m not sure what the age-range for this film is, I think they might have been going for every demographic but that tends to alienate as much as it is inclusive

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