0628: Jaws (1975)

Rating: 9.5/10

When a shark terrorizes the beach of a small town during the summer season, it’s up to a small group of men to hunt it down.

This is one of those movies that changed the game in multiple ways. For one, it was the first summer blockbuster. At the time, summer was reserved for movies that studios felt wouldn’t do well because people tended to spend more time outdoors. But, after this became the highest grossing movie up to that point (until Star Wars beat it two years later) studios started releasing bigger budget movies during the summer to try to capture the same effect. And it’s still true to this day.

Another thing, was showing that horror movies can come in all shapes and forms. True, this is arguably a monster movie of sorts, but being that the enemy is a real sea-faring creature, just a tad more unstoppable than your typical shark and much, much bigger, it feels like something that could happen in real life. It really did make people scared to swim in the ocean, and still does to this day.

The only problem I really have with this movie, and this is just a 70s style sort of thing, and that’s the pacing is soooo sloooow. Especially when they finally get on the boat and start hunting the shark. It’s just about as boring as actually being on a boat for several days waiting for something to happen. Again, this is just a 70s slow-pace and you practically can’t watch a movie from this decade without encountering it, but it still makes a good chunk of this movie a bit sluggish.


+10: One of the best (and most profitable) movies ever made

-0.5: A bit slow in points, but it was the style of the time

2 thoughts on “0628: Jaws (1975)

  1. The time on the boat gives us time to get to know and care about these guys as characters.

    And this is one of those where the movie improves on the source material. The novel has its moments and the same basic skeleton is there — giant shark is attacking. But the novel includes Brody’s wife having an affair with Hooper and a long passage wherein his wife reflects on Hooper peeing. (At least it seemed long on the audiobook). There is a bit more tension once they get out to sea because Brody knows Hooper is stepping out with his wife and the shark would be a good way to put him out of the picture.


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