Spider-Man s1e11: Triangle of Evil

Air Date: November 21, 1981

Rating: -1/10

Peter Parker is struggling to help Aunt May pay bills when a criminal organization calling themselves “The Triangle of Evil” informs the news they’re about steal from museums around the city. Can Spider-Man stop them before he’s evicted?

I know one of the appealing things about Spider-Man is that he’s just a normal guy dealing with normal world problems while also having to deal with supervillains occasionally attacking New York. But this one seemed a tad too ridiculous during different points. The variety show conveniently giving out the exact money he needs to help his Aunt May. Or that everyone seems to be charging Spider-Man for the furniture and windows he breaks, even though he just saved their lives. It’s things like these that push my limits of disbelief and therefore ruin my enjoyment of the show.

Actually, this whole episode feels like Spider-Man simply fell into a completely different show. It doesn’t feel like any of your typical superhero stuff. I know that the comics get pretty wonky sometimes, but this is the 11th episode in a series and we haven’t even seen Rhino yet… I’m just saying there’s more superhero stuff that Spider-Man could be doing before it devolves into this silly stuff.


+0: I’m struggling to think of anything to enjoy about this episode, because there isn’t any, even the animation seems lacking and phoned in

-1: What is with these no name supervillains? There’s so many Spider-Man villains they haven’t even touched why do they feel they have to make up their own?

2 thoughts on “Spider-Man s1e11: Triangle of Evil

  1. To say nothing of the villains deciding to announce their plan on TV and then wonder why they get caught.

    And does the Rhino ever show up in this series? I am not certain.


    1. Unfortunately, no Rhino. Truthfully if you just wanted to check this series out I’d recommend watching the episodes with “Doom” in the title as they are usually pretty good, and the voice actor for Dr. Doom is pretty spot on. Everything else is kind of a mixed bag.


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