Batman s1e4: The Penguin’s a Jinx

Air Date: January 20, 1966

Rating: 10/10

Bruce Wayne must escape from the insane death trap he’d been put in by Penguin. After he does, he bugs Batman so that while Batman is trying to discover Penguin’s next scheme, he inadvertently gives it right to him. Can Batman stop his own brilliant mind?

The off-the-wall campiness is back in full force in this one, making a Batman adventure that’s simply hilarious. Burgess Meredith, who plays the Penguin, is still doing a killer job and easily steals every scene he’s in. The acting from the principal cast is good as well, but Meredith really takes the cake on this one.

Though most of this episode is kind of silly, the story actually does stand up as something that could conceivably happen in the Batman universe. I could almost see this being the plot of a movie, except someone like Scarecrow should do it as to throw the whole crime that Batman planned back in Batman’s face in an interesting way. Actually, Penguin hasn’t had a good part in a movie in a while, not since Batman Returns anyway, why not do it with him?


+10: Hilarious and with a good storyline

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