Batman s1e5: The Joker is Wild

Air Date: January 26, 1966

Rating: 9/10

Joker breaks out of prison literally like a Jack-in-the-Box and is out to capture a yacht for his girlfriend. Batman and Robin rush to stop him before he can get back up to his old tricks.

I have to say, I really love the way everything looks in this show. It’s kind of on the cusp of cartoony, which is something of the style of 60s television. Technicolor was the new wave and doing away with those old Black and White TV shows of the 50s, this was the sixties baby! And everything was colorful! Also, LCD was very prevalent! Yeah, Baby, Yeah! Sorry, I got a bit Austin Powers there, but watching this groovy show kind of makes me feel like I’m getting some kind of contact high or something. The colors, man, the colors!

This marks the first episode for the Joker in this show, and the actor who played him, Cesar Ramone, famously did not shave his mustache for the role and the make-up department simply painted over it with white paint. It is very obvious, especially in one scene when there’s a close-up on his face and he’s talking directly into the camera. I dunno, seems like you should hire someone else to be the Joker, but that’s just me. Also, facial hair grows back, y’know?


+10: A very entertaining show with so many colors!

-1: Shave the mustache!

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