Spider-Man s1e12: The A-B-C’s of D-O-O-M

Air Date: November 28, 1981

Rating: 5.5/10

Dr. Doom teams up with the villain Goron (I don’t know either…) in order to try to take over the world. With Goron’s power to control minds (apparently), can Spider-Man stop this evil team from completing their plans?

I have to say, the voice actor for Dr. Doom is spot on in this show. He has just the right amount of Evil Dictator in every word he says. It’s a shame this is more of a Goron as the villain of the episode, especially since he seems to be yet another completely made up villain for this show. Maybe the creators of this series really wanted to make someone that was then used in the comics or at least some other media. I just looked it up and the answer is no, the villain Goron only exists in this one episode of Spider-Man in the entirety of the Marvel Multiverse. So, we have another villain that’s just made up on the spot with zero personality. Maybe they had licensing issues and needed more villains than what they had access to, but if you have Dr. Doom, one of the greatest supervillains ever, why not make him the main villain of the episode? I would have been fine with Goron being just a side goon, or whatever.

Anyway, outside of yet another lame villain, I felt the ending was really sudden and out of place, but I guess they ran out of time and just “had to rap it up.” I guess it was fine outside of those things.


+7: It was fine

-1: Lame made-up villain

-0.5: Weird and sudden ending

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