Batman s1e6: Batman is Riled

Air Date: January 27, 1966

Rating: 10/10

After Joker proves the Dynamic Duo can be beaten, it sets off a crime wave all across the city. Now that Joker has a Utility Belt of his own, it looks like Batman and Robin might have finally been beaten. They don’t know if they’ll be able to beat the Clown Prince of Crime this time.

I really like how it’s a two-part cliffhanger every time, it calls back to the original 1940s Batman in it’s serialized format. It also gives more connection between episodes than most television at the time. Also, something that always bugged me as a kid was that they’d set up something horrible about to happen at the end of the episode only to have it immediately solved at the beginning of the next episode. But now I know this is another callback to the serialized format of the 40s and 50s and I enjoy it more than I used to.

I also really like the narrator in this one. Something they hadn’t really done until this episode was use him as an actual set-piece and explaining things as they come up. And I love him doing the recap of the previous episode at the beginning, it really sets the tone for the series even better than the cartoon opening.


+10: As a kid, I used to love this show, but I think there’s even more to enjoy as an adult

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