Spiderman s1e13: The Sidewinder Strikes

Air Date: December 5, 1981

Rating: 2/10

A cowboy on a robotic horse calling himself “Sidewinder” attacks the subway and Spider-Man tries to stop him as he tries to steal a set of solid gold spurs.

There actually is a Sidewinder in Marvel Comics, but this Sidewinder seems to have nothing to do with that one and it’s yet another made up villain with little to do with the Marvel Universe at large. This bugs me but not as much as Spider-Man’s character in this one. It seems as if they just took everything they knew about Spider-Man and then tried to “make it better” in odd ways. For example, at one point Spider-Man jumps on a motorcycle to chase after the villains, as if someone at the station was like “well, kids like motorcycles, never mind about web-shooters.” I don’t know, most decisions in the 80s were fueled by cocaine, at least that’s my theory…

Anyway, this episode did have some good moments, but there was so much about this episode that just distracts from who Spider-Man is and is supposed to be. It’s hard for a fan like me to really enjoy these moments. Maybe if I didn’t know anything about the character and this was my first “rodeo”…nah.


+3: Had a few good moments that I enjoyed

+1: There’s some decent action in this even if they don’t feel very Spider-Man-y

-1: Stupid, made-up villain

-1: Stupid out-of-character Spider-Man

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