Spider-Man s1e14: The Hunter and the Hunted

Air Date: December 12, 1981

Rating: 10/10

J. Jonah Jameson hires Kraven to kidnap the last living sabre-tooth tiger from the Savage Lands. Ka-Zar comes to New York in order to bring him back. It looks like Spider-Man has his work cut out for him.

Hey! They made an episode with characters from the Marvel Universe without making a whole bunch of crap up! And it makes for a pretty good episode! Who knew!?

Seriously though, this was a huge step up from the last few episodes of having real Spider-Man-like problems without pulling things out of their butt left and right. I wonder if this storyline was taken directly from the comics, and if so, why don’t they do it more since it definitely makes for a better experience than experiencing episodes that seem to have little to do with the Spider-Man canon at large.


+10: A very entertaining episode that feels like the Spider-Man we all know and love

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