Spider-Man s1e16: The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo

Air Date: December 26, 1981

Rating: 5/10

Professor Gizmo, yet another villain you only see on this show, wants to kidnap Spider-Man for some undersea operations.

Spider-Man and Peter Parker are both caught in a series of traps: too many happy coincidences. Every time something happens in this episode it is essentially just good luck that Spider-Man happens to be in the crowd. Usually, he’s nearby and his Spidey-Sense activates so he knows something is going on a block away. It’s good that he’s there but it doesn’t feel like a totally happenstance like it does here.

Also, I hate this villain. Just like every other villain they’ve created for this show, he has no personality, is totally one-note, and doesn’t do anything that an actual villain in the Marvel Comics can’t do just as well if not better. Actually, he feels more like a joke villain you’d find on shows like The Tick or Earthworm Jim or Freakazoid. But he’s not on those shows, and doesn’t do anything but bring down this episode with his silliness.


+6: Could have been better but, as other episodes have shown, could have been a lot worse as well

-1: These lame nothing-villains are bumming me out

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