Spider-Man s1e17: Canon of Doom

Air Date: January 2, 1982

Rating: 2.5/10

Dr. Doom is back, and this time he’s a guest at J. Jonah Jameson’s house!…WHAT?! It appears Doom is making earthquakes right in J.J.’s back yard.

This one had strange pacing, some “fast” parts have way too much screen-time while “slow” parts are skimmed over or skipped entirely. It also had a lot of jokes, which is alright in most episodes, or when Spider-Man is throwing out a one-liner here and there, but with Dr. Doom and the much more serious tone of this episode, every joke just felt out of place and detracts from the rest of the story.

Also, they retcon in some made-up backstory for Dr. Doom for no reason that I could ascertain. Aside from not being necessary to the episode in any way, it doesn’t add to Dr. Doom’s character either. Also, not in the comics!

This episode feels like something that was written on cocaine, randomly jumping from one scene/storyline to the next, randomly switching pace, tone, and overall structure, also what is with them making “Dr. Doom” episodes where Dr. Doom is hardly in them?



+4: Had some good parts but I can see why this series only got on season, the longer it goes on the more I feel like I’m on a sinking ship with plotlines, characterization, and overall quality slowly dwindling to nothing

-1.5: Lay off the cocaine guys from the early 80s (we already know you won’t…)

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