Spider-Man s1e18: The Capture of Captain America

Air Date: January 9, 1982

Rating: 10/10

The Red Skull impersonates J. Jonah Jameson in order to capture Captain America. Spider-Man has to find him and get him back.

Here’s another storyline that feels like it was basically taken out of the comicbooks, which are still my favorite episodes in this series. They’re a lot more cohesive and feel like an actual show in that there’s a clear beginning, middle, and end, along with solid plotlines and characters. Especially with Spider-Man himself, something they seem to be phoning in on other episodes, here, who he is is clear as day. Which is just weird, right?

I like having Captain America in an episode considering most “guests” are villains, and having more heroes show up would make this show feel more connected to the rest of Marvel as a whole. And I guess I was wrong about this feeling like a sinking ship since there’s at least a few good episodes amid the less-great ones.


+10: A great episode that feels more like the comics than others

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