Spider-Man s1e19: The Doom Report

Air Date: January 16, 1982

Rating: 10/10

Johan, a man from Latveria, escapes the country, the first to ever do so. Dr. Doom has to hunt him down to New York. Can Spider-Man save this man’s life?

Huh? I just noticed that some things carry over between episodes. Two or three episodes ago, Aunt May said she might go to Florida to visit a cousin until she’s feeling better and now she’s staying in Florida. Also, Johan was in the last episode with Doom and now here he is again continuing his story from there. So, a bit more modern than what one might expect from shows of the time period. Too bad they didn’t try to go fully into this type of serialization, that would have made this show ten times better overall. Okay, maybe not that much, it’s still a silly kids show.

Part of me wishes that this show went on long enough that J. Jonah Jameson just finds out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Actually, does that ever happen in the comics?


+10: hey, they can have a Doom-sequel episode with a decent story and isn’t boggled down by total nonsense

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