Spider-Man s1e20: The Web of Nephilia

Air Date: January 23, 1982

Rating: 5/10

Two mad scientists obsessed with Spider-Man manage to take secretly take some of his blood. And then one of them transforms into a Man-Spider.

I feel like I fell into a strange animated soap opera for most of this one until it was a 1950s monster movie. Also, a weird advertisement about giving blood. Oh, this is another probably-written-on-cocaine episodes. isn’t it? Yeah, keeps jumping between storylines, can’t seem to find a consistent tone, also, in a very odd way, Spider-Man is mostly a side-character in this one until over halfway through the episode and instead focuses on these scientists in multiple dialogue-heavy scenes so they can tell us their entire(ly boring) backstory.

Oddly enough as well, there actually is a Man-Spider in the comics (though I don’t think he was invented when this was made but I’m not sure), this one has nothing to do with that one and, again, is just made up for this series.


+6: Eventually becomes a better episode

-1: Too many dialogue-heavy scenes with this couple we’ve never seen before and we’re never going to see again

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