Xbox One: Return of the Obra Dinn (2018)

Release Date: October 1, 2018

Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Rating: 10/10

You play as an insurance agent for the East India Trading Company and after the Obra Dinn returns from its mysterious disappearance, it is up to you, and your magical watch that shows the instant that people die when you hold it over corpses, to figure out what happened.

‘This is a very interesting game done by a one-man company, Lucas Pope, who made a very fun and thought-inducing logic puzzle. I’m a little sad there’s no way to get more from this title once its over. I know that mystery games tend to have that quality of having absolutely no replay value, but this idea feels very fresh and interesting and I really hate feeling like I have nothing else to do once it’s over. Maybe there could be a sequel with five ships to go through?

The graphics are done like it’s an old computer screen, such as a very early IBM or Macantosh, but it’s very fluid first-person game that you won’t even notice it’s basically in a single color screen after a while. And what’s done with this monotone graphics is simply breathtaking. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m not going to.


Playability: 4 of 4: Very fluid controls

Fun Factor: 3 of 3: Fun mystery game with about 30 hours of gameplay

Story: 1 of 1: A very unique way to present a full story of something

Sound: 1 of 1: The music is quite good, though just a bit repetitive if you keep doing the same corpses over and over again

Replay Value: 0 of 1: Absolutely none to speak of, this is typical of mystery games though

Graphics 1 of 0: This is a very original way to do a single-color screen scheme that looks very good even on modern television screens

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