Spider-Man s1e21: Countdown to Doom

Air Date: January 30, 1982

Rating: 10/10

NASA is about to shoot a rocket into space, but Doom has a plan to take the world ransom at the same time. How will Spider-Man stop him this time?

They’re really leaning heavy on these Dr. Doom episodes near the end of the series. He’s a very popular character but I just find that odd because he’s not traditionally a Spider-Man villain. It would be more appropriate to have the Lizard to be a main villain, or Green Goblin, who I’m not sure has even made an appearance, or if he did it was only for a single episode. That’s just wrong since he’s Spider-Man’s main villain throughout most of the comics.

Anyway, I guess the creators really liked Doom, and though his episodes aren’t always great, this one is.


+10: I’m glad there’s still a few good episodes before the end of the series

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