Spider-Man s1e23: The Vulture Has Landed

Air Date: February 13, 1982

Rating: 1/10

The Vulture is kidnapping scientists in order to create his evil technology for him. Spider-Man has to save them!

Okay, the problem with this show, and basically every kids show before they started rating television for different age groups, was that they considered all cartoon shows to essentially be kids shows and that meant they had to be for kids from 0 to 12. So they have to appeal to this entirely wide range of young people with entirely different tastes and abilities to understand different things.

Anyway, this episode feels like it’s trying to appeal more to the very young crowd than it normally does. Everything is explained over and over again to make sure you’re attention span doesn’t keep you from not noticing what’s going on. The villain, who’s pretty cool in other media, is just silly here.

Also, at one point Spider-Man is thrown out of a plane and complains that spiders can’t fly and then almost falls to his death but I’ve seen him make a web-parachute so many times in this show already, it’s just mind boggling that this one time he forgets how to do that. So, this is one that’s given off to someone who won’t even do research into the canon of the show their working on…


+2.5: It starts off normal but then slowly gets into stupid territory, almost so bad it’s good, and maybe I might think that if I watched it again, but not this time

-1: Pick an age group, or genre, this is not stuff I should be telling you at the 23rd episode in a series

-0.5: I guess Spider-Man just forgets what he can and can’t do, is that because of a radioactive spider bite, I wonder?

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