Spider-Man s1e25: The Return of Kingpin

Air Date: February 27, 1982

Rating: 9/10

Spider-Man runs into a publicists who wants to represent him so Spider-Man can make money doing odd jobs instead of just saving people for free. However, it’s all secretly a plot by Kingpin to frame Spider-Man.

This was a decent episode, and a lot better in comparison to the last few. This show is definitely something of a double-edged sword as the quality can really jump between two extremes from episode to episode. This one was pretty good, though the plot felt more like something out of a bad movie than something akin to this. It was kind of like “The Man Who Knew Too Little” except that Spider-Man was the one who didn’t really know what was going on until it was too late.

I did enjoy this one a lot though, it was weird but unique and felt like a real Spider-Man adventure for a brief moment, even though the publicity angle was kind of strange.


+9: Pretty good overall, decent penultimate episode

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