Spider-Man s1e26: Under the Wizard’s Spell

Air Date: March 6, 1982

Rating: 10/10

Medusa is brainwashed by the Wizard, and Spider-Man has to save her!

As a final episode, this was pretty good. Though it feels more like an episode you’d see in the middle of the season, just because it doesn’t involve any villains we’ve seen before, doesn’t resolve any unresolved plotlines, and actually sets up some new ones that we’ll never see the end of. Well, that’s all well and good for a kids show and I guess I can read the comics if I want to know more.

As far as cartoon superhero series, you can definitely do better than this. It’s alright for its time, better than Spider-Woman, that’s for sure, and, though I didn’t agree with many of the creative decisions whenever they wanted to go off the rails, I’m glad they tried new things. If you wanted to go through the series as just a “get a feel for it” type of thing, I’d probably recommend seeing the ones with “Doom” in the title to see if you like it as those are probably the best ones overall.

+10: This one was pretty good though. I liked how it was presented and setup, and the payoff seems good for something like this, it’s just too bad it’s at the end of the series so we’ll never see Medusa again

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