Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends s1e1: The Triumph of the Green Goblin

Air Date: September 12, 1981

Rating: 10/10

Green Goblin is released from the insane asylum, apparently cured, but then when his plane crashes, he comes back as the supervillain he is. Spider-Man, along with his friends Iceman and Firestar, have to stop him.

Though this premiered on the exact same day on competing networks, this is widely considered to be the sequel to the 1981 Spider-Man show. Also, Firestar was exclusively made for this show when they couldn’t get the rights to Human Torch, and then became a character in the comic books as well, that’s already something better than the other 80s Spider-Man cartoon since every villain they made up never did anything else. Hey, is that why they did that? Firestar became a character in the comics and they wanted something from their show to do it too? Okay now I’m speculating about that again and I’m not even watching that show anymore.

Anyway, this is much better than the other Marvel cartoons I’ve reviewed so far. The storyline feels more “Marvel” right away, nothing is just made up for no reason, and Firestar has a full backstory, something none of those villains from the other show never had. Also the comedy in this lands a lot more in this first episode, I think part of that has to do with Spider-Man having teammates for a change, allowing them to all play off each other.


+10: A great start to what might be a great Marvel show

One thought on “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends s1e1: The Triumph of the Green Goblin

  1. It feels like this one was repeated a LOT when I was watching the show back in the day. So, I’d avoided a repeat viewing until a few weeks ago and found it rather refreshingly well done. It’s certainly a great start to the show, even if some of the things don’t really make a whole lot of sense (I find it a bit absurd that people would go as far to rig up wiring for Green Goblin costumes in the gym where the dance is being held). But these are nits that maybe I am picking here.


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