Spiderman and his Amazing Friends s1e3: The Fantastic Mr. Frump

Air Date: September 26, 1981

Rating: 7/10

A homeless man named Mr. Frump, accidentally steals a magical amulet from Dr. Doom and soon learns that anything he wishes immediately comes true.

So far, this feels more like a comic-book-based series that is closer to the comics than the other 1980s Spider-Man series, but one thing I can say about that other series is every Dr. Doom episode was very well done, even if most other episodes were kind of missing the normal Spider-Man feel of, say, the new movies. I mention this because this Dr. Doom episode just feels silly in comparison to the ones on the other show.

It’s still a decent episode, and many sections of the Marvel Universe are kind of silly, but I still feel the other show just did Doom better. On an unrelated note, is anyone out there excited about rumors of a Doom movie floating around right now?

Oh, on another unrelated note, I kind of feel like Mr. Frump’s medalon is powered by an infinity stone. If this is the case, and their setting up their own 1980s kids version of the Infinity Gauntlet, that might be pretty cool.


+7: Good, but nothing special, and nowhere near as good as the Doom episodes of the other 80s Spider-Man show

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