Batman s1e7: Instant Freeze

Air Date: February 2, 1966

Rating: 8/10

Mr. Freeze attacks Gotham’s museum in order to steal the biggest diamond in the world. Robin thinks he’s out to steal all the “ice” in the city, but Batman realizes it’s something more. Can the Dynamic Duo put a stop to Gotham’s King of Cold.

Some fun facts I just found out about Mr. Freeze. Apparently he was originally a “joke villain” named Mr. Zero who only appeared in one or two issues of Batman, but this show is what changed the name to Mr. Freeze, though he isn’t given his backstory involving his sick wife until Batman: The Animated Series, or the name Victor Fries. But, this is the show that popularized the character and made him one of Batman’s main villains.

Anyway, this was a pretty good episode but I felt it was lacking some of the humor you find in previous episodes and I wonder if they were trying to do something a bit more serious. Also, I really like George Sanders as Mr. Freeze, though I read that this character changes actors two more times throughout the series.


+7: Decent episode though lacking the humor, and the action, of previous episodes

+1: Great job from George Sanders as the villain

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