Batman s1e8: Rats Like Cheese

Air Date: February 3, 1966

Rating: 7/10

Batman discovers Mr. Freeze’s plan (because Mr. Freeze spells it out for him) and has to give himself up in order to save Gotham City’s star baseball player. Robin is captured too, can the dynamic duo get out of this one before they both freeze to death?

Much funnier than the previous episode. I found myself laughing several times throughout the show, especially towards the end when Batman and Robin finally fight Freeze’s goons. I’m glad to see those “BOOFS” filling the air as Batman and robin punch people.

This episode had a very long sequence that implied Batman and Robin were going to either freeze to death or stay captured to Mr. Freeze for the rest of their natural lives. It made me think this show was trying to be some kind of psychological thriller, except in a very kiddie way. These tones clash too much for something like this to be enjoyable to watch.


+8: Funny and has some good bits towards the end

-1: Too long in the middle

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