Super Mario Odyssey

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: October 27, 2017

Genre: Action-Platformer

Rating: 6.8/10

Bowser steals Princess Peach in order to force her to marry him. Mario teams up with a magical hat in order to save her. It’s essentially the plot of every Mario game!

Okay, there are about 900 Moons hidden in the game, which, considering the last Mario I played in the main series was Super Mario 64 and for that one you could only find about 100 Stars before you ran out, which seemed like a decent amount. It wasn’t too crazy to have to find them all, and each one was it’s own challenge for the world it was in. Here, being there are so many Moons, it’s a very wide range between the super-incredibly easy to get, and the mind-bogglingly difficult. Also, you only need about 125 Moons in order to beat the game, and beyond that you need 500 in total in order to unlock all the worlds.

Now, what I did was unlock the last world with 500 moons (100 of which I bought because I just didn’t care anymore by the end) and then immediately quit as what was on the last world turned out to just be another nearly impossible boss fight for those among us who enjoy pain. It didn’t make me feel good about finally getting those last Moons, but I also didn’t feel like I was missing anything by choosing not to get the very last Moons throughout the game. Getting even this many Moons, even if you buy them all, is such a grind it really sucks all the fun out of the game. True, I still had fun finding different hidden locations in worlds I didn’t really take the time to explore, but I feel like this game is really only meant to be played through one time, beat Bowser, and that’s it. I mean, if you’re just that big of a fan of Mario and 100% all of them, there’s definitely plenty to do in this one, but for those of us who just think this Italian plummer is just okay, then trust me when I say this game is only fun until you beat Bowser and not much at all after that. I know it incentivises you to find more Moons, but what it unlocks after that first 125 is just laughable, the “final bosses” which are so hard they aren’t even a part of the main game.

But, up until this point, I was having a great time. Finding Moons was fun, even when they were amazingly easy I always felt there was a reason to do it and it never felt like a neverending grind like what came after.


Playability: 3.2 of 4: The controls have never felt better, but, just like with every 3-D Mario game, the camera and controls don’t always mesh well and you’ll often find yourself doing things like long jumping right off a cliff into nothingness without meaning to

Fun: 2.1 of 3: I would say that everything up until Bowser was great, if this were the whole game I would say that would leave things a little more fun the next time through as you try to find different Moons than the ones you got, or done a New Game+ that you can’t get the Moons you got already, or something like that, but instead, thanks to everyone’s obsession to 100% everything (me included) this turns into a fun game to a very grindy game with no replay value

Story: 0.5 of 1: It’s the story we always get, a little different but essentially what it always is, maybe more creativity next time? Oh right, nobody likes when Mario is different…

Graphics and Sound: 1 of 1: I love how the music changes as you move around the level, very Banjo-Kazooie-esqu

Replay Value: 0 of 1: After the game is over, collecting everything else just becomes grindy and what you unlock with it is lame. Only for Mario experts, everyone else should play through the main game and then quit.

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