Jessica Jones s1e1: AKA Ladies Night

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Jessica Jones is a hard-boiled private eye with a traumatic past. She’s hired by parents looking to find their missing daughter. But Jessica is about to find that the person she’s in the middle of a deadly game perpetrated by someone she once knew who literally had control over her.

I really like the darker chapters of the MCU like this show and Daredevil. This takes a full-on modern day noir with darkness around every corner. Jessica herself is a great character as she has superpowers but that’s not what she’s defined by. It’s more a detective-noir show that just happens to take place in a world with superpowers. It works very well, and this episode especially shows how horror can meld very well with the superhero genre as a whole.

I have to say that the Netflix Marvel shows are really nailing it with these openings. Anyway, the whole of this show was very good at introducing some brand new characters and I like that it’s almost nothing like the Daredevil show. They allow this series to do it’s own thing and might have some crossover appearances along the way.


+10: A very good start

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