Jessica Jones s1e2: AKA Crush Syndrome

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 9/10

After Hope kills her parents under the mind control of Killgrave, Jessica is willing to go the distance in order to prove her innocence. All she has to do is prove that there’s a man out there able to control people with the sound of his voice…

This is a completely different show from Daredevil so I shouldn’t be surprised that the action in this episode, a single fight in a bar, wasn’t on the same level of professionally choreographed martial arts from that show. I mean, this is more of an ongoing mystery and not that type of show (and Jessica just isn’t that kind of superhero). But it still seems somewhat like a downgrade from the great action sequences from that show.

Outside of that, this works very well as it’s mystery continue to reveal more secrets into both Jessica’s past and the present of this shadowy Killgrave. Also, this show keeps up with the horror while also getting into some things that are just downright creepy as we see the aftermath on the people’s lives of everyone that Killgrave has touched.


+10: This show is as creepy as it is captivating, very good stuff

-1: The action could be better, this feels almost comical

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