Jessica Jones s1e3: AKA It’s Called Whisky

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 10/10

As Jessica searches for drugs to knock-out Kilgrave’s powers, Kilgrave sends a mind-controlled cop to take care of her and Trish Walker, Jessica’s best friend.

Being that, coincidentally, I’ve recently started researching narcissism while I’m also watching this show, and am now partially convinced that this whole season is a metaphor for surviving from a toxic narcissistic relationship, I thought I’d recall the things I’ve discovered about narcissism and relate it to this show (and maybe make it my next YouTube series or something). Anyway, in this case, I’ll talk about so-called “Flying Monkeys.” You see in a narcissist’s mind, which Kilgrave definitely is, they’re always right. In fact, they can’t even comprehend the fact that they could be anything from perfect and therefore they make no mistakes. And they need other people around them who will essentially back them up on this about everything.

Now, the Flying Monkey term comes initially from The Wizard of Oz as the brainwashed minions of the Wicked Witch who would do anything she said. That’s essentially what these people are to the narcissist. They are usually weak-willed people, sometimes they are also narcissists, and their soul job for the narcissist is to be controlled by them to think the way they do. And if you’re in a relationship with the narcissist, these are the first people who will believe their lies set against you. They might come up to you in a party and say things like “You really need to be nicer to this narcissist” with you having no idea what they’re talking about.

This is essentially the power of both Kilgrave and a narcissist. Though Kilgrave can instantly make people believe whatever he wants them to, narcissists use their evil powers to control people in order to make them see the world the same way they do. And what happens when a Flying Monkey severs ties from the narcissist in their life? They eventually start wondering why they were ever thinking that way in the first place. Same with the victims of Kilgrave, they come back realizing they’d done wrong having no idea what made them act that way to begin with.


+10: Guess this wasn’t much of a review, but this is one of the best shows ever produced by Netflix. Might even be better than Daredevil but their so different that it’s really hard to compare the two

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