Jessica Jones s1e4: AKA 99 Friends

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 7/10

Jessica Jones is hired by a jealous wife and ends up stalking her to make sure she’s not being controlled by Kilgrave. In the end she’s not sure who’s stalking whom. Also, Jessica discovers who’s giving Kilgrave her picture.

Even though this whole season came out on the same day I like that it feels like each episode is a week apart. Though it would be interesting to see a show where each episode acts like it’s right after the other…24, oh right, never mind.

Anyway, I didn’t like the plotline involving the people who just had a beef with superheroes and had nothing to do with Kilgrave at all. It’s not that it had nothing to do with the main storyline that I have a problem with. It’s that when it’s all said and done, their whole motivation, along with how they were pulling it off, was just kind of dumb. It feels more like filler than anything else. If these people come back in later episodes secretly being supervillains themselves, then I’m wrong about that, otherwise, just pointless. Sorry, I call them how I see them.

I do like the reveal at the end, along with the side plot with Nuke and Hellcat, I mean Officer Simpson and Patsy Walker, even though it’s the strangest pairing in the MCU so far… Also, the cinematography in this show is incredibly good. A picture tells a thousand words, and great cinematography can tell an story in seconds without any dialogue or music. It’s why silent movies were ever a thing, you know.


+7.5: Falters in a few places but is still a fairly entertaining episode

-1.5: Dumb, shoehorned-in plotline

+1: Amazing cinematography

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