Jessica Jones s1e6: AKA You’re a Winner!

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

The truth comes out about what happened between Jessica, Kilgrave, and Luke Cage’s wife in the past.

First, the complaints, I think the fight scenes are better than they were in the beginning but still something to be desired considering just how good they can be in Daredevil. I get that both Jessica and Luke are essentially just good at smashin’ (like the Hulk) so I don’t expect the fights to be highly choreographed but this still just looks really fake in comparison.

My other complaint is much smaller, we see Hope very briefly in this episode and her acting is so bad I actually laughed. I mean, nothing against Erin Moriarty, the actress playing her, because I know she can do better just by her other actions in other scenes we’ve already seen on this show. I think it’s just a role she’s not sure how to play. It’s such a short part, but it stands out as particularly unrealistic when everyone else seems to be giving it their all in bringing these characters to light.

I think all other acting is really well done, and the flow of the story of this one is very interesting to watch. I especially like Jessica in this one as she brings out this particular kind of trauma very well, one where she tends to blame herself more than the actual abuser. This is typical of Narcissistic Abuse Survival, unfortunately.


+10: Another great episode

-1: Fights are still laughably bad

-0.5: Hope is also laughable in this episode but at least she’s hardly in it

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