The Boys s1e1: The Name of the Game

Air Date: July 26, 2019

Rating: 10/10

When Hughie’s girlfriend is killed right in front of him at the hands of a superhero, Billy Butcher recruits him for a job to help him take down The Seven, this universes version of the Justice League/The Avengers. Meanwhile, Starlight, an up and coming Supe with a heart of gold (unlike every other super-powered being thus far), learns just how far she’ll have to go in order to join the Seven.

I’ll be honest and say that I really only watched this because I keep hearing buzz about the newest season, but I am pleasantly surprised, and slightly horrified, as this is a show that basically exemplifies everything I love and hate about the current superhero culture. For one, it’s a completely new take where the Supes, as Butcher calls them, are all essentially corrupt, made worse because of just how powerful they are.

I like how this show is very good at starting a scene, one where you think you know where it’s going, and then pulling the rug out from under you as something crazy happens. The most jarring and most obvious example is very close to the beginning when Robin meets her end. Though that was more or less traumatizing, I do enjoy this aspect of the show as I never know what’s going to happen next.


+10: I’m very excited for this, it’s like a parody, a satire, and a commentary on superheroes as a whole. I hope the whole, fairly short 8 episodes in season 1, can keep up this momentum…. Great SFX too

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