The Boys s1e2: Cherry

Air Date: July 26, 2019

Rating: 10/10

As Starlight gets used to her new life in the Seven, Hughie and Butcher find a man only known as the Frenchman in order to figure out what to do with an invisible man with indestructible skin.

I’m a little disappointed scenes aren’t constantly being interrupted by craziness but I guess I’m glad that Hughie’s girlfriend doesn’t have to die again. But this still has some great ideas in it that brings us an original story that can only be described as amazingly awesome. I like what ultimately happens to Translucent, and also this introduction of the third member of the Boys, and Frenchie compliments the group as a whole with his totally crazy idea that killing Supes is “fun.”

This is turning into a very interesting series that flips the whole superhero storyline on it’s head. The Boys would be supervillains in a regular comic book, and not even good supervillains, more like ones that Superman would easily stop in the first few panels before the real villain shows up. This show is quickly turning into one of my favorites.


+10: Another really good episode that keeps up the intensity from the first one

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