The Boys s1e3: Get Some

Air Date: July 26, 2019

Rating: 7/10

A-Train is scheduled to race Shockwave to see who is truly the fastest man alive. Meanwhile, the Boys, with their newest recruit, a man named Mother’s Milk, try to find out more about a drug for Supes known as Compound-V.

The intensity of the first two episodes has finally slowed down a tad in this episode, which is to the shows detriment. It’s still very good, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like this episode in particular suffers from having too many plotlines. I understand they want to humanize A-Train to some degree, but this episode would have been better had they focused a bit more on Mother’s Milk and less on A-Train and Popclaw, it would have been a better show.

Also, the focus it had on the “Race of the Century” was a bit odd. I mean, nothing really happens at it, the Boys fail to do anything there too. The most interesting thing about it is that at one point Butcher and Homelander stare at each other for a bit. I’m not entirely sure why this plotpoint is even in there, actually.


+8: A strong episode but not what I expected after the first two much stronger episodes

-1: Just far too much A-Train in this one, I’m not sure if they want me to have sympathy for the guy or what, because I really don’t

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