The Boys s1e4: The Female of the Species

Air Date: July 26, 2019

Rating: 9/10

As Hughie goes on his first date with Annie, the rest of the Boys find a young girl with superpowers they free from a cage and spend the rest of the episode trying to find her again. Oh, and right when no one expects it, Butcher makes a point about the Spice Girls that nobody saw coming.

A much slower paced episode than the ones before it. It works for the episode though, so that’s fine. I like how we see a bit more of Frenchie’s heart in this episode and his not-quite-a-friendship with Mother’s Milk (or M.M. as they call him on the show).

A-Train seems to be more of a permanent character now, but he kind of works as a drug-addicted, self-centered bad guy, at least outside of the public eye. There’s still some moments early in the episode between him and Popclaw, and it does nothing but drag the show down. Again, both these people seem to be narcissistic jerks and I have absolutely no sympathy for them and I’m not sure why they devote so much time to them in these last few episodes. It doesn’t really help to “tell the complete story,” it only wastes time while we’re waiting for more important things are put on screen.


+10: I just had a thought, is this show set in a universe where all narcissists are given superpowers? Hmmm…. that would be terrifying…

-1: It’s short but it stinks scene with A-Train and Popclaw


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