Version: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: May 28, 2018

Genre: Simulation-Roguelike

Rating: 8.7/10

Will is a merchant and owner of the shop “Moonlighter.” He wants fame and riches and the best way to do this is to travel into the nearby dungeons and sell the random things monsters drop in his shop. But there might be more secrets to uncover as he tries to unlock the “fifth door.”

I’ve decided to try something a little different for my gaming reviews and go through scoring as I go. I might switch back if I don’t like it.

Playability +4 of 4: If anyone told me about this game before I played I probably would have assumed I wouldn’t like it and move on. It’s essentially a combination of the Binding of Isaac and a shop-owning simulation game. I’m not a big fan of BoI, for one thing (it’s fine just not something I go out of my way to play) and though some simulation games I do enjoy, like the Sims 3, for example. I usually don’t seek them out by any means. But somehow, this game seems to have combined these two seemingly incompatible genres and made something that is very fun to play in fairly simple and easy to understand gameplay. It’s easy to learn and to play.

Fun Factor +2.4 of 3: It is a lot of fun!…Until you get to the endgame, you’ll probably have everything leveled up to max and no longer see a reason to even open your shop anymore as you just keep working towards the final boss. The DLC has something that increases the length and gives you more reason to sell things again, but this doesn’t happen until after you beat the game and for this last bit the whole concept of “raid dungeons to sell items in shop” is rendered completely pointless.

Story +0.6 of 1: The story isn’t terrible or anything but it’s also nothing to really take note of. Mostly it involves an old man yelling at Will every time he defeats a boss until the very end of the game when everything is suddenly explained all at once. I mean, it’s not like a game like this needs much story or mythos but it could have benefitted having just a little more in either category.

Graphics and Sound +0.8 of 1: Everything sounds fine, but the song in the shop gets very repetitive to a point where it was annoying. If this game gets a sequel I hope the shop has multiple songs, or maybe a jukebox where you can change between songs as you see fit.

Replayability +0.9: Aside from running out of things to buy and therefore making the basis of the game mute, with a New Game+ mode with new items, along with DLC with a new dungeon, this creates a lot to do once the game is over.

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