The Boys s1e5: Good for the Soul

Air Date: July 26, 2019

Rating: 9/10

Hughie learns what it takes to be an antihero as Starlight finds herself on their second date. Meanwhile, Butcher and M.M. find out more secrets about Compound-V, and Frenchie has to hide from Black Noire.

I think they really want us to see the human side of the Seven, but we know that every Supe but Starlight is a self-centered narcissist, so I’m really not going to feel bad for Maeve because she “had to let those people die.” I feel worse for the people around her, though most of those people seem to also be Supes, so…meh.

I love the Boys, especially now that they’re all in the show though not together yet. Also, I really like Frenchie’s girlfriend, even though she’s only ever in a scene per episode so far (if that) she basically steals the scene in these brief moments just with a few lines or a glance. This is very French, at the very least, but it gives a lot of depth to her character in such a short amount of time. I should probably learn the character’s name, at least….


+10: This is a great series

-1: The Maeve has an ex-girlfriend scene does absolutely nothing, other than establish her ex, and goes on for too long for a scene that does absolutely nothing

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