The Boys s1e6: The Innocents

Air Date: July 26, 2019

Rating: 6/10

A documentary crew is making a movie about the Seven. Meanwhile, Butcher tries to convince Hughie why dating a Supe is a bad idea but Hughie doesn’t listen.

The overall storyline of this season slows down to nearly a screeching halt in this episode, which really makes me wonder if this episode was even necessary to the series as a whole. I still enjoyed the episode but it feels like a one-off where there should have been a side villain to fight that we wouldn’t see again, like Firefly in Arrow for example. That would have been neat to see the Boys taking down another Supe, something that needs to happen more frequently in the next season I think.

This episode does make me feel something about Maeve’s character, just that she’s maybe not all bad like the rest of the Seven. Also, I like that the Deep has basically become a laughing stock to a very comical effect. I also enjoyed seeing Haley Joel Osment in a dead-beat Dad and washed-up Supe role. I guess he was kind of the One-Shot villain of the episode, but in the more fighting alcoholism than robbing banks kind of way.


+7: Not bad, but more of a distraction than a continuation

-1: Not enough humor or Supe-killing in my opinion

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