The Boys s2e2: Proper Preparation and Planning

Air Date: September 4, 2020

Rating: 6/10

In this episode, Hughie and Butcher have a heart to heart that more or less ends their relationship. Komiko finds her brother only to lose him again. The Deep has a private and special moment with a body part you don’t expect. And Starlight tries very hard to make Stormfront like her.

Though I enjoyed this episode, it felt a bit all over the place story-wise. I feel it should have done more to focus on the Boys as they hunt down Komiko’s brother and less with Stormfront influencing the news, maybe? I liked some of the smaller things like A-Train’s continuing investigation into Starlight, or the Deep’s trippy experience, but this episode feels like it’s suffering more from the “we-need-each-character-to-do-something” syndrome than anything else. I like these characters but I think TV shows in general need to learn that you don’t always need every character in every episode. I don’t want to put actors out of work, but many of these scenes could probably have been used in a later episode or just more sparingly so we know what the focus of this chapter of the Boys is meant to be rather than trying to focus on everything all at once.

Also, after that awesome opening in the first episode I’m a little disappointed that Black Noir wasn’t in this episode. I guess I shouldn’t complain about there not being a character when I was just complaining about there being too many characters, huh?


+7: I still had a pretty good time, but not as good as this show has shown it could be

-1: Not enough focus and too many characters

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