Resident Evil 5

Version: Xbox One

Original Release Date: March 13, 2009

Rating: 7/10

The fifth official outing in the Resident Evil franchise, you play as either Chris or Sheva as you battle horrible monsters across the continent of Africa. Will you be able to stop Wesker and save your old partner?

Playability 2.8 of 4: The tank controls are fine but feel start to feel stilted as things ramp up much more later on. Considering how in RE4 we had a whole box to fill, only being able to carry 9 items feels like such a downgrade. Shooting things is great fun, but I’m not a big fan of cinematic quick-time events. I’m glad this is a video-game fad that seems to have gone completely out of style but we’re still haunted by these moments with their HD remakes…

Fun Factor 1.8 of 3: Like I said, shooting “zombies” (or whatever they are in this one) is great fun. However there a few things that detract from that, one is a mission spent entirely in the back of a car that’s completely on rails. Also the last few boss fights are endless and you don’t even get treasure for them. I really like the levels that are more open ended, like the one in the swamp, and I like finding treasure along the journey, something that’s completely absent in the last couple hours of gameplay. Also, though this game is great with another co-op player, it kind of sucks when your partners a computer.

Story 0.5 of 1: The story is fine, but it’s nothing special. And there’s so many cutscenes I feel the creators were trying to give Hideo Kojima a run for his money. The problem is, the story and characters aren’t interesting enough to warrant this much “screen time”

Graphics and Sound 0.9 of 1: The graphics are great, and the sound is awesome, but, as with many earlier games like this, when people are talking outside of cutscenes, it just doesn’t look right.

Replay Value 1 of 1: There’s so much to do, you can endlessly play through again on harder difficulties upgrading all your weapons all the way. There’s also a Mercenaries mode along with alternate storylines to play through with or without a partner.

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