The Boys s2e4: Nothing Like It in the World

Air Date: September 11, 2020

Rating: 10/10

In this oddly romantic episode of the Boys, Frenchie makes things awkward with Komiko, Homelander exacerbates his mommy issues, and M.M., Hughie, and Starlight go on a totally normal road trip! It’s Weird!

Despite my joke, the road trip sections are actually my favorite parts of this episode. We get to know these three characters a lot better, especially M.M. Which is nice because it seems that most of his backstory has been kind of ignored up to this point (I don’t think it’s really that important though, I mean, what did Frenchie do before deciding to murder Supes? Run Guns? Who cares?) but it’s cool to learn more about him, along with seeing some sweet moments between Hughie and Starlight, and some lighthearted comedy. It’s very normal-ish, and out of place with what the Boys normally is, but I still really enjoyed this break from the intensity.

Speaking of intensity, is it just me or is Homelander just getting grosser as the show goes on? This isn’t a problem or anything, I just find it fascinating what narcissistic psychopaths think they’re entitled to, but at the same time I’m not sure this episode had to dictate so much time to it to the point it gets more than a little uncomfortable for me personally. Can’t we go back to the Home-ster just murdering innocents again? Ah well, at least he kills himself in this episode….not really.

Oh, and I really like the scene between Butcher and Becca when they finally get to have a one-on-one again. It really feels like an intimate moment between a husband and wife who are actively being hunted and controlled by a homicidal Superhero. Okay, I guess I don’t know what something that complex would actually look like, but Karl Urban and Shantel VanSanten definitely bring the necessary complexity to these brief, emotional moments.


+10: Great episode with as much drama as comedy as it is a messed-up, emotional thrillride!….so I guess just like every other episode of the Boys…

–1: I don’t think something deserves a point off just because I find parts of it kind of disgusting, but I will ding off for spending a very good deal of time to these weird moments that don’t really establish much we didn’t already know about Homelander (I guess anything to get Elizabeth Shue back for any reason. This is not a complaint!)

+1: Some pretty heartfelt scenes between all the members of the Boys. I’m surprised this came out on September 11 because it feels more like a Valentine’s Day episode, weirdly

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