The Boys s2e5: We Gotta Go Now

Air Date: September 18, 2020


For this episode, the Boys go up against Black Noir in a battle their sure to lose, Stormfront declares war on Starlight in the most passive-aggressive way possible, and Komiko literally rips someone’s face off!

Black Noir is a very interesting character to me. We see moments of great depth to him, such as when he cries when finding out that Compound V is the reasons for his super powers, or that even though he’s a crazy ninja he’s able to play perfect piano for a party. I like in this episode that his phone’s ringtone is a bit of classical music as well, showing us once again that there’s more to him than an immortal murderer. But, despite this, he still seems little more than a tool for Vought, something that is shown here very well as he seems to be nothing but a killing machine, something that Vought can point a finger at anything and he’ll get the job done with incredible proficiency, and apparent indestructibility.

Along those same lines, there was something I just noticed but has been a bit of a let down for me as I realized that Frenchie hasn’t gotten to kill a Supe in a while. I mean, he hasn’t killed one at all, that I remember, but when he was first introduced he talked about how each Supe is a different problem and then proceeded to plan out how to kill Translucent, an apparently “immortal being.” It made me wonder at the time how he would eventually plan the deaths of all these other Supes as well, but I guess that was it for his clever plotting. This isn’t a real complaint, just something I remembered about the early episodes.

I really like the stuff that happens right at the end between Homelander and Stormfront. I don’t really want to spoil anything though, just know that it’s pretty great.


+10: This is another great outing into this series, I only hope that Frenchie gets to kill more people, which is a weird thing to want now that I think about it

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