Jessica Jones s1e7: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 6/10

After Kilgrave murders one of Jessica’s neighbors and leaves the body in her bed, she goes on a mission to get herself thrown into a high-security, supermax jail in order to get away from Kilgrave forever.

David Tennant is an amazing supervillain. Kilgrave is all the more scary because of how charming he is. Speaking of which, the psychological-thriller aspect of the show comes out in full force on this one. This works very well for this program and I’m both hopeful and fearful of what will happen if this show really ramps up the horror qualities in greater amounts. I personally think that horror and superheroes works together very well. Maybe because Supes, as they call them on the Boys, are rarely scared of anything it must really be something, like a narcissistic sociopath who can get anyone to do what they want, to frighten someone as powerful as them.

After we discover that Ruben is dead, this show screeches to a halt for a very long bit of this episode where almost nothing happens (aside from a lot of exposition). I also thought that the whole “throw me into supermax” angle was pretty lame. It’s payoff is amazing though, but the road to get there is fraught with boredom and some pretty dumb decisions made by our principal characters. I mean, I know sometimes people just do stupid things, it happens. But it’s lame when you make that a main plot point, something small like “I forgot my shoes,” in Die Hard, as an example, that then turns into something major is a lot more interesting than, for example, deciding to cover up a death of a main character that is obviously not your fault. This is essentially helping the villain, you know this right? And not even for a good reason. And nobody had to mind control anybody to get them to do this.


+2.5: A pretty good beginning

+5: And a great ending

-1.5: Doesn’t really make-up for a lame middle

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RIP Ruben: You made the best banana bread


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