Jessica Jones s1e9: AKA Sin Bin

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 7/10

After Jessica captures Kilgrave and locks him in a sound-proof cage, she tries desperately to track down someone to make him use his power and prove Hope’s innocence.

Again, like the one previous, this was kind of a strange episode. This season has focused a lot on using horror tropes to add to the shows premise, and I wonder if this was meant to use a different style of scary media of the “trapped in a cage” motiff. Except that really only works if we feel for the character that’s trapped in a cage. Being this is Kilgrave as the one trapped, we all know he’s evil and want him to stay in that cage. As long as no one is going to kill him, that is, I’d rather he was locked up.

This episode is weirdly trying to make me feel something for Kilgrave, but I just don’t. I understand he had a horrible childhood but that gives him no right to be evil, and not only that but he sees himself as the victim in all this. People who don’t learn from their past mistakes and can’t accept responsibility for the pain they’ve caused are irredeemable. Kilgrave projects everything he’s done onto other people. It’s why he’s always saying “they killed themselves” when confronted with what he’s done. Kilgrave isn’t worth keeping alive, is my point, and the only reason to do so is to prove Hope is innocent.

I liked the detective stuff with Jessica tracking down something to use to get a rise out of her enemy, but aside from that, I felt this episode was kind of boring until the very end of it. I feel this was to set up the end, another thing horror movies do sometimes is not really make anything exciting until the last half-hour sometimes. Something I personally would want to get rid of entirely since it’s usually just boring, unlikable people until that point and by then I’m just waiting for them to get murdered. But I also think that horror films like that just aren’t meant for genre-savvy people like me. Sorry, got a bit off track, but I’ll say that the stuff I liked was mostly out of the “Sin Bin” room, but inside that room I was mostly bored until it gets really exciting at the end. This might have something to do with me being stuck inside during quarantine, though…


+7: I liked all the parts that weren’t in the Sin Bin, and those parts weren’t bad really, just kinda boring

-1: This episode drags enough it makes me wonder if this episode and the one previous were meant to be a single episode they stretched out into two

+1: The excitement at the end

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