Hocus Pocus (1993)

Rating: 8/10

Three witches from Salem, Massachusetts are brought back to life and proceed to terrorize a small town with their hilarious but deadly antics. It’s up to Max and his friends to stop them from stealing someone’s soul before Halloween is over.

This is a fun movie and though the plot may sound a little serious for children it’s actually a pretty great family flick. Bette Midler does one of her most hilarious roles ever as she and her fellow witches are essentially an evil version of the 3 Stooges and are just as funny. I think that the villains being the funny part of the film is actually a very interesting and unique take on a story like this. Where in other films they could take the same plot and do something somewhat horrifying, if not also more than a tad cheesy. But here they make a really terrific family comedy and the main reason for that is how the Witches are presented.

The parts of this film I was less enthused about was with Max. Really most of the scenes with him a little cringeworthy. It’s not Omri Katz acting either, he’s fine in this film. It’s more just what’s written around him. Though I do like some of his actions, he feels like a Gary Stu, a perfect, exceptionally lucky, self-insert character and basically just has every action he takes handed to him from someone else. And, though I like the first “he’s a virgin” joke, this is then pounded into the film to such a degree that all the humor is already gone from it by the second time it’s mentioned. And then it continues, it made me think for a minute that maybe they were setting it up so this young person was going to try to get laid at some point in the film. I’m glad Disney didn’t take it in that direction…


+9: A great, family-oriented, Halloween film

-1: Max is a Mary Sue, which is unfortunate, but at least the driving force of the film is the three witches, who are much funnier and better than he is

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