Assassin’s Creed 2

Release Date: November 17, 2009

Version: The Ezio Collection

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: 6.0/10

Play as Ezio, the new Italian assassin from the Renaissance as half his family is murdered under false charges and he’s on a quest for revenge to kill every single person involved in the conspiracy to do so. In completing his revenge, Ezio discovers that he’s not only performing these murders for himself, but that he’s at the center of a secret war lasting hundreds of years between the Templars, who crave control, and the Assassins, who want freedom for all.

Playability 2.4 of 4: Okay, well, the problem with this game is the same as the one before it. Instead of getting harder over time, it just gets more frustrating. It’s much better in this game, but it’s still an issue. What’s particularly disappointing is the combat. Though vastly improved from the first game in the series, it’s still mostly just hold the R-Trigger to block and hit X at the right time to counter. With that in mind, it’s more than a little stupid that there’s so much focusing on countering when there’s many enemies you just can’t counter, like the ones with axes and spears. And archers, in general, just suck to try to run away from considering how pinpoint their accuracy. And I hate people who throw rocks while you’re climbing, which at first is a miner issue, but towards the end of the game you can’t jump on a wall without every guard within shouting distant grabbing a rock until I’m surprised you aren’t just stoned to death every time. For a game that tries really hard to be placed within our own history, this type of stuff is far from realistic.

Fun Factor 2.1 of 3: A lot of the stuff I just mentioned in the above section just bleeds over to here, but it actually is a pretty fun game overall. I especially like the side quests, something the first game was completely devoid of. Though about 2/3 of the way into the game, I had all the upgrades to both Ezio and my Villa, and suddenly I had nothing else to buy. Lack of personal growth makes everything else stagnant. Imagine if in one of the Final Fantasies the level cap was 30 instead of 100, something you’d probably get to about halfway through the game. Without being able to improve your characters anymore, it makes the rest of the game kind of pointless. Which is kind of how I felt about doing anything in this game after I maxed out everything. I stopped doing everything but the main missions after that. It was just to beat it and see the ending after that point, and I’m not sure if that’s something that’s worthy of the effort.

Story 0.6 of 1: Much like the mission-to-upgrades point I just made, the story starts out great and I’m very invested in it, but as Ezio kills more and more conspirators, I just become more and more bored over time. Okay, I like assassinating people and these parts are usually interesting, if not also fun, but there are a lot of them. I feel like this story peaks about 6 chapters in, it feels like Ezio has more than avenged his family by this point. And it’s not even until chapter 9 or 10 until he even knows there’s other assassin’s and he’s actually killing Templars. It’s a fine story, I guess, but there’s so much padding around some very interesting parts, it’s hard to recommend this game for the story alone.

Graphics and Sound 0.5 of 1: Okay, the sound is totally fine. But the graphics are just plain ugly. I think it’s something to do with this updated addition of the game because I do not recall them being this bad on-last gen systems.

Replayability 0.6 of 1: There’s a lot of side missions and things to collect that give the game a lot to do, though nothing left to buy means making money from these things are entirely pointless.

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