The Boys s2e8: What I Know

Air Date: October 9, 2020

Rating: 10/10

Becca comes to Butcher to get his help in getting her son back. Meanwhile, Hughie and Starlight find dirt on Stormfront that they use to ruin her reputation. Stormfront and Homelander attack back, both for their own personal reasons. Also in this episode, Komiko thinks of something funny.

If you haven’t noticed already, I love this show! It’s not just that it can make me laugh as much as it makes me cringe, or that every character feels like a real person despite at least half of them having unrealistic superpowers. Or that every department, from props, to costumes, to music, to special effects all come together beautifully to create something epic and mind-blowing (sometimes literally…) with every episode. This is a great show because it can do all those things and still surprise you every week without ever being completely sure what’s going to happen next. This is normal humans with basically nothing, so they don’t even have the money to back up their beliefs like Lex Luthor might. These are the goons you’d find at the very bottom of a barrel in a normal comic, the guys Batman would deal with within the first 15 minutes of the night before the Joker shows up or the like, but they’re the only ones crazy enough to stand up to the most powerful among us in a society as corrupt as this one.

I suppose I’m saying I love the members of the Boys as much as I love the show the Boys. It’s not for everyone. Some might find it too gory, others too scary, others still too different from how Supes are shown in other media. But as a super-nerd with a sick sense of humor like me, this show is nearly perfect. I suppose my only complaint is that I wish that the Boys themselves would kill more Supes themselves. I mean, there’s been a lot of superhero deaths this season, but I don’t think even Komiko has killed a single one this season. I know they’re tough to kill, but many have died but there are only two times I can think of with one of the Boys killing any of them is when Hughie blows up Translucent and the other is when Butcher kills Mesmer, both which happened in the first season, and Lucy the Whale doesn’t count… I know this is kind of a weird complaint, but I’m hoping there’s more Boys-on-Supe violence in Season 3.


+10: An amazing, mind-blowing conclusion to season 2, I personally cannot wait until next season

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