Jessica Jones s1e13: AKA Smile

Air Date: November 20, 2015

Rating: 10/10

After shooting Luke Cage in the face, Jessica takes him to the hospital where Claire the Night Nurse happens to be on duty. But Kilgrave has plans for her as his powers can now be used over electronic devices. Jessica has to take a stand, but Kilgrave’s powers have grown so much that Jessica’s immunity may have run its course.

This was a good finisher for the season and I think it brings the noire and superhero/action genres together very well. Actually, with that in mind, Claire’s kind of too good for this show. In a noire, everyone is corrupt, even if it’s only because of severe trauma and a minor drinking problem like Jessica, everyone is kind of at fault for something. Claire, however, is a bit of a goody-two-shoes, even though she isn’t, but compared to every other character on this show she is extremely out of place. However, they use her very well on this show, and displays how different Jessica and Claire are as characters. Also, Claire’s response of “it’s five in the morning” to Jessica’s, “Do you want a drink?” line cracked me up. Actually, maybe this show could use someone a little more “normal” like Claire just for humorous purposes like these? Then again, this show is so straight humor might be more than a bit out of place if not done in small doses like this. Just some random thoughts for a show that’s already cancelled…

Anyway, this show does a very good job of completing the arc of the first season. This are just as tense and there’s still a few twist and turns to be had. And this shows that you don’t need epic, highly-choreographed action-sequences, like in Daredevil, in order to have a climactic finish to your first season.


+10: An amazing finish to a (mostly) great first season

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