Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends s1e5: Swarm

Air Date: October 10, 1981

Rating: 8/10

After an alien crash lands on Earth, the first thing it connects with is a swarm of bees. After melding with them, Swarm starts converting people into alien-bug creatures to add to its ever growing army, including Iceman and Firestar! How will Spidey get out of this one?

Okay, I’ll admit I may have been a bit harsh on the previous episode considering I had just gotten done with two pretty great seasons of adult-focused superhero shows. It felt like such a downgrade to then watch a show that feels it has to spell out every little detail because it’s oriented at children.

But, speaking of which, does anyone else consider it strange that whenever we see any of the heroes doing normal things before the action starts, they’re almost always on dates? I mean, I don’t think most kids are that interested in the love lives of adults, but I also wasn’t alive during this time so I’m not sure what the kids were into back then.

Okay, I suppose I should actually review this episode…. Well, I actually enjoyed it a lot. Speaking of children of the 80s, this feels like a decent monster movie from the 30s melded with a science fiction film from the same era. Spider-Woman did a few things like that too, so I wonder if there was a resurgence in movies from that era specifically during this time. I quite enjoyed this, for the most part, though a few moments where they had to spell things out as mentioned above really takes me out of it for a moment. Then again, if you read Stan Lee’s comics from the 60s, this isn’t so bad in comparison.


+9: I had a lot of fun with this one, it feels like something out of yesteryear. Kids in the early 80s were into interesting things

-1: Just a few moments that made me think “Oh right, I’m watching a kids cartoon by myself….what’s wrong with me?” Okay, maybe those thoughts are unrelated now that I reconsider it….

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