Wonder Woman s1e3: Beauty on Parade

Air Date: October 13, 1976

Rating: 9/10

Diana Prince goes undercover in a beauty contest to investigate a nazi spy ring and as an excuse to put Lynda Carter in a swimming suit. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman takes a more forceful approach in uncovering a plot to kill General Eisenhower.

For a TV show from the 70s, this had a pretty high production value. I guess that’s after things like Mission: Impossible, so I guess I shouldn’t be that impressed. Anyway, I liked the plot of this one, even if it was a tad simplistic. I like that they did something without dealing with Nazis directly like in the last few episodes. And I also think that having this as a period piece, with different styles and manner of speech than that of the seventies is a very good idea and you can tell they used this as a base for addressing issues in the 70s. Some of which still holds true today, such as the subject of equality.

There were two scenes I didn’t like and for the exact same reason. The plotline is set up, we know what’s going on, but, in both these scenes, they stop everything to drop an exceptional amount of exposition all at once. The problem with these bits isn’t just that exposition should be used sparingly, if at all, but it does nothing at all to progress anything and the story is noticeably at a standstill until these moments end.


+10: A very fun episode with a lot going for it

-1: Exposition dumping ground

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